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Jewellery Manufacturing

Discover the perfect blend of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology at SA Jewellers. Our jewellery manufacturing services provide a seamless experience, transforming your unique designs into stunning pieces of art. With our dedicated team of artisans, advanced 3D CAD design, and on-site 3D printing, we ensure that every detail of your vision is brought to life with precision and care. Experience the difference of personalized service and exceptional quality that sets SA Jewellers apart. Let us turn your creative ideas into timeless treasures through our expert manufacturing process.

jewellery 3D CAD Design

Advanced Design for Perfect Results
Our 3D CAD Design services use modern technology to create detailed models of your jewellery designs. This ensures your vision is accurately captured and turned into a stunning piece of jewellery.

On-Site 3D Printing

Fast Prototyping for Easy Creation
We offer on-site 3D printing to quickly produce high-quality prototypes of your designs. This makes it easy to refine and perfect your pieces before final manufacturing.

Stone Setting

Expert Skills for Beautiful Jewellery
Our skilled artisans carefully select and secure each gemstone to enhance your designs. Our stone setting services guarantee that your jewellery is both eye-catching and well-crafted.

3D Scanning

Precise Reproduction for Perfect Results
Our 3D scanning services accurately replicate existing pieces, capturing every detail to create a faithful digital model. This makes it possible to recreate beloved heirlooms or produce perfectly matched sets.

Jewellery Cleaning after Casting

Detailed Finishing for a Polished Look
After casting, our jewellery cleaning services ensure that your pieces are polished and refined. Our artisans carefully remove any casting residue, revealing the true beauty of your custom jewellery.
Choose SA Jewellers for all your jewellery manufacturing needs, and enjoy the benefits of exceptional craftsmanship, modern technology, and personalized service. Let us help bring your unique vision to life with simplicity and dedication.
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Ready to begin your journey towards a unique piece of personalised jewellery or the perfect engagement ring? Get a quote or book an appointment with our experts at SA Jewellers, and let us help you bring your dream design to life.

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